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We are aiming to attend London conference in this summer as a finalist to appeal cooperation with governments for multilingual localized information matching to users.
ー Team Anytime! 

Anytime! provides cooperative communication platform offering real-time help according to user’s language, nationality and location.multilingual co-operative information network for foreigners.

The first version of Anytime! - a simple, useful and elegant iOS app - will be available for download from the AppStore soon!




Two founder of Anytime! service got to know each other in this Hackathon. Our presentation was like below:

Hackathon Presentation

And luckily, we got the price from Google!

Receive Google Award

We are working hard to accomplish the first version of Anytime! app to the Online Innovation Challenge 2014 event.

You can see and give stars Anytime! from Anytime! page on the OIC.!