Product Introduction


Anytime! is a smartphone application generates sense of security as home anytime.

Product Introduction

Under expanding globalization, multilingual localization is needed everywhere.

Anytime! provides real-time cooperative communication platform
offering real-time help according to user’s language, nationality and location.

Especially in emergency situation,  anxiety and poverty of information or discuss brings you panic.
Native language communication on Anytime! acceleratesLess misunderstanding,” “Real-time reliable communication” and “ Appropriate decision making.”


Cooperative Communication Platform

① Anytime! provides real-time messaging threads with members matched by user attributes and real-time location to solve the problem.

② Anytime! matches information communicators and receivers by user attributes in real–time.

Using Anytime!, local governments can broadcast important information such as disaster, evacuation information directly to their citizens.

Functions for Emergency Communication

1. Emergency call

You can make emergency calls with just 2 taps from anywhere in the World.

2. Help note

You can hold and share your medical information such as blood type, health history, medication requirements and more. 

And even more functions are coming soon :-) !

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